How to store your portable bar equipment

Portable Bar Barlock red front in use

When it comes to events, a bar is an essential element of any party or function. With a pop-up bar, you can set up for the event and conveniently pack the portable bar away when you don’t need it. If you are hosting a big party and anticipate large numbers, an extra bar in the space will complement the main bars and other drink serving areas. Whatever the reason for using a portable bar, one of the essential things is to store everything properly when you are not using it or when moving it between venues. So let’s take a look at how to store your portable bar equipment.

Clean it properly

After you have finished using the portable bar, it must be cleaned thoroughly. Drink and food residues can cause the portable bar to become unsanitary if left on the surfaces. Wipe down all bar surfaces and ensure everything is thoroughly clean and dry before packing away the mobile bar.

Remove any perishables

Snacks, drink garnishes, and other perishable items should be removed from the bar before packing it away. Whether it’s going to be some time before you use the bar or not, it is advisable to remove all foodstuffs. Even if you are going to use it very quickly after packing it away, items may move around in transit and cause a mess inside the bar. You will have more cleanup to do when you have to set the bar up again, so removing everything will save you work in the long run.

Packing away a portable bar

After any event, you should check your portable bar and bar equipment for signs of damage. Folding up the bar when components are broken or damaged may cause more issues and make it more challenging to set up at the next event. The Barlok bars range is made for quick and easy construction and is just as easy to pack away once you are done with it. Quick setup and packing are done with positive locking, so you won’t need any fixings or additional tools to set up a portable bar. Trays, racks, and other bar accessories should be packed away as per the instructions for safe storage. 

Pack the portable bar in its case

Portable bars usually include a customised case to hold the components safely and securely. With a Barlok mobile bar, you will have a case that is designed for the specific portable bar you have. The flight case holds each of the bar components in a secure position to ensure everything is safe during transportation. Whether you are moving it from one floor to another or going from venue to venue, the protective flight case for the portable bar makes sure your bar stays in excellent condition.

If you are looking for a bespoke portable bar or want a bar for an upcoming event, we can help. At Barlok Bars, we pride ourselves on supplying high-quality mobile bars. We have a range of portable bars to suit your needs, and you can customise your design, so you have all the elements you want. For more information or to buy a Barlok portable bar, contact us today.

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