Why purchase a pop up bar?

Barlok revolution portable bar at the event

When it comes to serving drinks at functions, fast service is absolutely paramount to ensure your business is creating as much revenue as possible. When main bars in function rooms get busy and overloaded, you may notice your customers walking away which is essentially costing your business money.

Pop up bars are designed to take the stress away from your main bar and act as a temporary solution to keep your customers’ hands in their pockets whilst at functions.

Barlok® is a precision engineered, modular, RGBW colour controllable led portable bar system, now in use with some of the most sought-after venues and event management companies all over the world including drink giants Monster Energy, Hilton Hotels and the brand-new International Convention Centre in Wales to name a few.

The striking design of Barlok® offers impactful visuals, but is also renowned for its practicality and versatility, with options such as speed rails and ice shelves available if required to turn a standard draft unit into a cocktail bar for different style events.
With over 8 different sections to choose from including straights and corners, the Barlok® system is designed to be installed quickly and to fit around different function spaces and sizes with all section options being completely compatible with each other. Check out the website to find out how to design your own Barlok portable bar.

Barlok® has also been a huge hit with Corporate Event and Event Management companies. Event suppliers can add Barlok® into their inventory, which allows them to offer more products to their customer base.

Liam Peake from UK Virtual Events Ltd said:
‘As a premium event supplier, we’re always hunting for the very best in design and build quality when it comes to our equipment purchases. Our most recent purchase from Portable Floormaker was the modular, tool-free, collapsible led bar system, Barlok®. We spent a lot of time researching bars to make sure we went down the correct route prior to purchasing and were excited by the products Portable Floormaker could offer’

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