What is a Pop Up Bar?

Barlok® Pop Up Bars contain absolutely everything you need to set up a certain bar as per the separate designs shown below. From the flight case storage to the RGB controller, they are a fully self-contained mobile portable bar system. The Pop Up Bars are also able to be utilised together with other Barlok portable bar units so as your inventory grows so does your customer service potential.

Barlok Small Hand

Barlok® Small Hand

The Barlok® Small Hand is the perfect choice for the smaller functions and events.

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Barlok Straight Shooter

Barlok® Straight Shooter

The Barlok® Straight Shooter is the ideal medium-sized starter unit for your portable bar.

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Portable Bar Barlok Happy Hour

Barlok® Happy Hour

The Barlok® Happy Hour kit has that extra bit of personality that makes it a fun bar unit.

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Barlok Double Shot

Barlok® Double Shot

The Barlok® Double Shot Kit with a longer counter run means that it’s a serious portable bar to see.

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Barlok High Ball

Barlok® High Ball

The Barlok® High Ball Kit has unique saving space that makes it a great bar for any occasion.

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Portable Bar Barlok Four of a Kind

Barlok® Four of a Kind

The Barlok® Four of a Kind pop-up bar is an especially unique portable bar case that offers lots of serving space for guests.

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Barlok Side Car

Barlok® Side Car

The Barlok® Side Car Kit is an ideal space saving portable bar which follows the shape of a corner with a longer counter run.

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Barlok Lucky Draw

Barlok® Lucky Draw

The Barlok® Lucky Draw kit offers a unique hexagonal style layout that effectively uses your bar unit function space.

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Barlok High Roller

Barlok® High Roller

The Barlok® High Roller Kit offers a larger scale portable bar set up to maximise sales.

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Barlok Jack Pot

Barlok® Jack Pot

The Barlok® Jack Pot Kit will undoubtedly maximise sales with its larger scale bar unit set up.

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Barlok VIP Bar

Barlok® VIP

The Barlok® VIP Kit offers a supreme way to provide a large scale bar unit to entertain guests at any event.

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Barlok Revolution Bar

Barlok® Revolution

The Barlok® Revolution will transform any ordinary portable bar into an aesthetically pleasing pop-up bar.

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Portable Bar Barlok Back Bar pop-up

Barlok® Back Bar

The Barlok® Back Bar provides something special with more storage for an under counter fridge.

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