Barlok® is a tool free portable bar system, renowned for its cutting edge design which offers stunning visuals, paired with complete practicality. Assembling slick, contemporary and extendable bars has never been easier.

Barlok® is exceptionally versatile and can be assembled in different combinations depending on the event size. We have a range of modules available including straight units and corners, which can be utilised together to build different shapes and sizes. The front of each module is RGBW colour controllable with a simple, hand held DMX controller.

Barlok Small Hand

Barlok® Small Hand

The Barlok® Small Hand is the perfect choice for the smaller functions and events.

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Barlok Straight Shooter

Barlok® Straight Shooter

The Barlok® Straight Shooter is the ideal medium-sized starter unit for your portable bar.

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Portable Bar Barlok Happy Hour

Barlok® Happy Hour

The Barlok® Happy Hour kit has that extra bit of personality that makes it a fun bar unit.

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Barlok Double Shot

Barlok® Double Shot

The Barlok® Double Shot Kit with a longer counter run means that it’s a serious portable bar to see.

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Barlok High Ball

Barlok® High Ball

The Barlok® High Ball Kit has unique saving space that makes it a great bar for any occasion.

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Portable Bar Barlok Four of a Kind

Barlok® Four of a Kind

The Barlok® Four of a Kind pop-up bar is an especially unique portable bar case that offers lots of serving space for guests.

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Barlok Side Car

Barlok® Side Car

The Barlok® Side Car Kit is an ideal space saving portable bar which follows the shape of a corner with a longer counter run.

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Barlok Lucky Draw

Barlok® Lucky Draw

The Barlok® Lucky Draw kit offers a unique hexagonal style layout that effectively uses your bar unit function space.

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Barlok High Roller

Barlok® High Roller

The Barlok® High Roller Kit offers a larger scale portable bar set up to maximise sales.

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Barlok Jack Pot

Barlok® Jack Pot

The Barlok® Jack Pot Kit will undoubtedly maximise sales with its larger scale bar unit set up.

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Barlok VIP Bar

Barlok® VIP

The Barlok® VIP Kit offers a supreme way to provide a large scale bar unit to entertain guests at any event.

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Barlok Revolution Bar

Barlok® Revolution

The Barlok® Revolution will transform any ordinary portable bar into an aesthetically pleasing pop-up bar.

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Portable Bar Barlok Back Bar pop-up

Barlok® Back Bar

The Barlok® Back Bar provides something special with more storage for an under counter fridge.

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