How to Deep Clean a Portable Bar

We can’t think of anything worse than pulling a portable bar out of storage, only to find that it wasn’t cleaned properly the last time it was used. Ensuring that it is cleaned after each use saves you time and stress when setting up. Here are some tips for how to deep clean a portable bar so it’s ready to use again.

1. Clean ALL surfaces

Whether it’s a sticky bar top or dirty work surfaces, you don’t want to add cleaning each surface to your set up list. After each event and before the portable bar is stored away, make sure that everything is properly wiped down with soapy water or disinfectant spray, and then dried. This includes the top of the bar, work surfaces where drinks are made and shelves- both for bottles and glasses. 

2. Scrub the soda gun

Fizzy drinks are sticky, there’s no getting around it. No one wants to handle a soda gun that has been left with drink residue over the handle, so make sure that after each use it gets cleaned thoroughly before being put away. This will include taking off the nozzle and washing that individually, as well as using a toothbrush and soapy water to clean around the buttons and dispenser. To keep the gun clean while it isn’t being used, lightly wrap it in cling film for a protective layer- but not too tight as this could cause some of the buttons to expel those fizzy drinks you just cleaned off the gun.

3. Clean out rubbish and bottle bins

If you have designated bins for your portable bar, you do not want to leave them to fester after an event. Bacteria will build up over time and leave a foul smell lingering around your otherwise pristine bar. Once the bins are emptied, throw in some soap and hot water, and give it a swill round. Give it a wipe down and then rinse it out before putting it in for storage.

Ensure extra care is taken when cleaning out a bin that has had broken glass inside, as small shards can still cut fingers. 

4. Wipe down bottles

Whether your bottles are going to be stored for the next event or put into a different bar for further use, they should not leave the bar dirty or sticky. A thorough wipe down of each bottle with soapy water and a lint-free cloth will get those bottles shining again and looking presentable for customers. 

5. Take apart the glass wash and sanitise all parts

One of the dirtiest parts of a bar is often the glass wash as it gets used throughout the event to keep up with the demand of drinks. From remnants of drinks to fluff and dirt, the glass wash takes it all. It is essential to sanitise this at the end of each event so that the bacteria isn’t allowed to build up and it can therefore effectively clean glassware again. Take each component out of the machine, including the arms at the top and bottom, and clean each part. Clean the inside of the machine and the door before putting it all back together. 

So there are our top five tips for deep cleaning your portable bar before it goes into the storage case. For more information on our portable bars, contact a member of the team today!

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