What does RGBW mean?

Standard RGB LED strip uses a 3-in-1 LED chip made up of red, green and blue chips. It can produce a wide range of colours by mixing the three and looks almost white with all three at full brightness. RGBW LED strip uses either a 4-in-1 LED chip that has a white chip as well as red, green and blue.

How is packaging & delivery handled?

You can either collect your portable bar direct from our factory in Castle Donington on EXW (FCA for international orders) Incoterms2010 terms or we can arrange for the goods to be delivered to you at extra cost (CPT terms for UK deliveries). In either case, if you choose not to purchase the flight case(s) there will(may) be an extra crating charge to protect the product.

There may also be a charge for individual pallets for the goods depending on the particular shipment.

What are the payment options?

Full payment is due in full with your purchase however credit terms may be granted on submission of a completed credit application form. A credit check will then be undertaken using the Credit Safe or Company Check portals. The decision of the company is final in such cases.

The company accepts debit or credit (fee may be applicable) card payments or electronic funds transfer for payment.

How long is the warranty?

3 year warranty on manufacturing, labor & materials. 1 year on electronics.

Can I add to my bar unit after purchase?

The unique ability of Barlok® is that additional units can be added as and when required in order to slowly build up your stock.

Each individual Barlok® item willbe available as a spare to purchase when needed.

Where is Barlok® manufactured?

The complete range of Barlok® portable bar units are manufactured in our UK based 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility together with the portable dance floor and stage ranges.

Our capability also includes a full 3D CAD design & build service with a fabrication operation including laser profiling, bending and forming, MIG/TIG welding and in-house powder coating together with a fully equiped wood shop.