How to design your own modular bar

Portable Bar Barlock purple wedding

Portable bars are the fun and space conscious alternative to having a static bar in your events room. It can elevate any party or event that takes place in your business, as well as creating another stream of revenue. Portable bars can also a great way of attracting new customers. Whether it’s a series of individual modular bars you piece together yourself, or based off one of our designs, we have something for everyone. 

Individual modules

One of the main benefits of having a portable bar is being able to adjust the size to your own needs. If your space for a bar is limited, or you only need it for limited stocks or events, then you can opt for a slightly smaller bar by using a few modules rather than a full size bar that is much too big. Alternatively, if you want to be able to make a custom bar for a large room, you can add modules until you get to a size you are happy with. 

The possibilities with modular bar set ups are endless. Gone are the days of having to have a straight bar no matter the shape or size of your room. With our individual modular bars, you can add curves or even have a full circle if that’s more your aesthetic!

Buy preset

If coming up with a creative design isn’t your forte, then we have plenty of options to get you started. Whether you need something preset for ease or just ideas to get the creative juices flowing, we have something for you. 

Take a look at our impressive range of preset bars, like the Barlok Revolution or Side Car.

Barlok Revolution® Portable Bar
Barlok Revolution® Portable Bar


A bar isn’t just a countertop for you to place drinks onto for your customers. It’s about efficient storage and accessibility for everything you need for the night (or day) ahead. When planning your portable bar, you might want to consider some of the optional extras that we have available. This include:

  • Standard shelves
  • Ice shelves
  • Speedrails
  • Back bars

These allow for your bartenders to have everything within reaching distance, promoting quick service and higher streams of income. If you don’t need all the shelves at all times, some can be removed in order to fit a triple door fridge, perfect for chilled drinks and glasses.

Our ice shelves also include space and gastro tubs for storing all your essential garnishes throughout the night, keeping them fresh for each new drink. 

The back bar is extremely useful to be able to host a range of drinks, keeping your customers happy with the variety. These are free-standing and therefore can be placed anywhere along or behind your bar. If you are buying a larger, longer bar, then it may be worth considering having more than one of these units, to avoid staff crowding around one area. 

Portable Bar Barlock outdoor tent
Portable Bar Barlock storage

Control the front

So you’ve created your own bar, but did you know you can make it even more personal? With a full RGBW LED front, you can control the exact shade to match with your own business’ branding. When you buy your Barlok Bar, you will be provided with all the necessary cables and handheld devices needed in order to control this inhouse. 

Barlok® LED Portable Bar Units at Monster Drink Event
Barlok® LED Portable Bar Units at Monster Drink Event
Barlok® Portable Bar System at Volvo Event
Barlok® Portable Bar System at Volvo Event

We take pride in offering high quality, durable portable bars that suit any business needs. If you would like more information on designing your own bar, please contact a member of our team to get the ball rolling. We look forward to seeing what you create!

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