Start attracting new customers to your business with portable bars

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We’ve all been there. Having the time of your life at an event only to discover your glass is empty – and the bar is rammed.

The unpredictability of modern-day events calls for a flexible solution. Enter, the modular bar – a ‘pop-up’ solution that can add an instant vibe to your party, and keep customers satisfied. One simple installation could transform your event, and see your profits soar.

Cater for the shy and retiring types

Not every party is full of extroverts. Some may be deterred from a stacked-out static bar where they can barely hear themselves order. A smaller mobile bar is instantly more inviting to those shy customers. Draw them away from the crowds and welcome them with a smile – they’ll reward you with their repeat custom.

Showcase something different

Christmas parties, corporate events, weddings – they can all succumb to the same humdrum drinks and dinner layout. A mobile bar gives you the chance to liven up your event. Consider a separate cocktail bar, or even use it for demonstrations and presentations – finished with a drink, of course.

Barlok® Revolution Portable Bar at BBC Event
Barlok® Revolution Portable Bar at BBC Event

Go against the grain

As above, large-scale events can tend to get a bit samey, and we see this a lot at trade shows. Think of any industry where food and drink have no starring role. A manufacturing trade show, for example, might lack the party vibe – but not for long. Turn your trade show stall into a welcoming entertainment space with a mobile bar. It’s up to you which drinks you serve, and you’ll instantly garner attention among a landscape of lacklustre event stalls.

Add a splash of colour

If you’re working in an event space whose décor leaves a lot to be desired, a pop-up bar can help. Our Barlok® bars offer a colour controllable lighting system, bringing instant ambience to even the dullest function rooms. Looking to attract a new audience with different ideas? Catch their eye with a refreshments corner that pops.

Barlok® Revolution LED Portable Bar
Barlok® Revolution LED Portable Bar

Make the most of a space

If you’re looking to increase footfall at your event, you’ll need to make sure you’re using space efficiently. Our range of portable bars comes in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re sneaking into a corner space or making your bar the main attraction. Serve new customers from all angles or be the secret spot that everybody’s talking about. 

Ask the experts for more tips on attracting new customers to your business

At Barlok®, we’ve enhanced more events than we’d care to remember. Whether you’re running a hotel, exhibiting at a trade show or just entertaining staff, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with us today to speak to our expert events and entertainment teams. We’ll advise you with key event planning tips such as:

  • How to get more from your space
  • Which colour scheme to choose for your theme
  • Selecting a drinks menu to wow new customers

Whatever your budget, there’s a bar for you. Get in touch today.

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