Portable bar designers and manufacturers

Barlok® is a range of portable bar units that are set up and installed without the requirement for any tools and/or screws. Each separate element of the bar is simply locked into the adjacent bar units side frame. The bar can be extended with any other element of the standard system which includes straight, standard and extended corners, radius and extended radius corners, inverted corners and filler units together with back bars and island bars also available. Once erect, the bar unit or units are extremely solid and have the look and feel of a permanent installation.

Barlok® has a backward raked RGBW light unit that allows the installation to be colour matched to the function itself or indeed left to scroll through the standard colour range automatically and has a stainless steel “Kick-rail” to offer that bit of western bar originality. The light units can be synchronised together or each element can be programmed individually.

Barlok® shelves are of Stainless Steel construction mounted on powder coated mild steel box section frames to offer stability with an 12mm through coloured acrylic bar counter to offer a glossy black feature. Optional extras include ice shelves, speed rails, Kick-rail end caps, options in acrylic and powder coated finish colours as well as specifically designed and manufactured flight case storage and transport units to protect your investment.

There are also options in the bar frontages available, not just RGBW effects but mirror or specifically and individually marketed frontages that can be utilised in specially adapted light unit frames.

Barlok® portable bar units are a revenue generator and a can really help transform any function into an event that your guests will remember with the colour matching or display options available. The fact that your Barlok® installation will only take a fraction of the time to set up and break down than some other portable bars on the market could lead to increased revenue. Barlok® is an ideal choice for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Office get-togethers
  • Christenings
  • Bar or Bat mitzvahs’
  • Graduations
  • Corporate Events
  • Product launches
  • Presentations
  • Any other celebration or event……

Barlok® Units

You probably understand what a portable bar is intended to do, but you may not be able to envisage how the bar may look. As already explained there are a varied range of units available that can be used individually or together to achieve interesting shapes to match a functions purpose or indeed just to utilise the available room space effectively such as follow the corner of a room. The Barlok® portable bar units are specifically designed to be easy to set up and use. The Pop-Up bar section includes our most popular bar arrangements to date to give you a start on designing your own layout(s).

The Side Frames and Shelves

The Side Frames are integral to all units are what allow design and layout options to be achieved. It is the design, materials and manufacturing process that enables the bar units to be effective in their use and only the best industrial-grade steel is used to produce these extremely sturdy and durable units. The design aspect paid particular attention to the horizontal strength of the bar, ensuring the bar does not sway or move in use. Most of the units can be used with one of the shelves removed to enable the use of a fridge for example or placement of beer kegs. The middle shelves for most units have tagged cutouts for pump pipework that can be punched out prepared.

The RGBW Light Bar Units

The RGBW light units are the faces of the bar. They needed to look and be attractive, stylish and effective with a WOW factor. With a two-part construction, the RGBW led’s, driver and power source are completely housed within the light unit itself. A sheet of clear acrylic and a powder-coated mesh form the frontage itself through which the RGBW effects can be seen. Power and data access sockets are located on the rear of the unit. Specially adapted light units with a 55″ TV mounted within the unit are also available with the HDMI and USB sockets extended from the TV itself to the rear of the bar integrated for ease of use and a 10mm sheet of clear perspex protecting the TV screen.

The Counter

A lot of thought and consideration was put into what material should form the basis of the counter itself and a 12mm piece of acrylic was decided upon due to its optical effect and ease of cleaning. After the acrylic is cut the edges are chamfered and then flame polished to offer a beautiful edge to match the surface.

The End Panels

As explained, the bar can be extended indefinitely if required without any limit apart from the room itself but eventually you will require the bar to end. For that purpose the universal End Panels have been designed and these are the covers shaped to match the bar framework that fit onto the last side frame of the bar at both ends. The End Panel can be either mild steel or stainless steel and powder coated to any colour to match the bar.

The Kickrail End Caps

The Kickrail endcaps are an optional extra and enable the line of the Kickrail to be dressed at the end of the run offering a nicer aesthetical appearance.

The Speed Rail

A busy bar is a good bar and to be able to offer a wide range of drinks as well as being able to quickly serve the guests you need to have many different choices of alcohol easily accessible. To that end and with storage being a possible problem the speed rail is a great addition to the bar that makes excellent use of the space available. Housing bottles at an easily accessible height will optimise the service and ensure customers are kept happy and lubricated!

The Ice Shelf

The Ice Shelf is designed specifically for the 1.0m and 1.5m sections of Barlok® and offer a stainless steel shelf complete with an Ice bucket and a variety of fruit containers that enable other drinks to be to be mixed/served.

Back bars and island bars

To further enhance the appeal of the full Barlok® range, we have further developed the Back Bar and Island Bar. The standard Barlok® Back Bar matches the basic units of the main bar elements but with a mirrored effect and RGBW light strip at the top of the unit which illuminates together with the other units or on its own. The shelving can be used for bottle storage or for optics. The base of the Backbar can be used for storage of glasses or bottled/canned drinks or one shelf can be removed to allow an under counter fridge to be utilised.
The Island bar has been specifically designed for use with the Barlok® Revolution round bar and offers basic storage on shelving or a round optic dispenser element to it.

The Flight Case storage solutions

The Barlok® units are your investment. They will need protecting during storage and transportation. Portable Floormaker is not a general flight case manufacturer so we are well aware that we are unable to compete on price with specific flight case manufacturers. That said however, most of the “off the shelf” cheaper flight cases will not be designed specifically for the shapes and weights that are required to safely house the Barlok® units. Portable Floormaker Barlok® flight case solutions are specifically designed to house the Barlok® units and are recommended to be used for Barlok® units. If Barlok® flight cases are not used the warranty of the bar units may be affected if the bar is not secured adequately.

Pop Up Bars

You will see that we have put together some of the most used or requested designs for Barlok® to date that include everything you need for that particular pop up bar, it’s ideal; Straight from the case!

Options on design

Barlok® is designed and manufactured as standard units but we do recognise that not all companies or venues are the same or have the same requirements. As the designers, manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners of Barlok®, Portable Floormaker is able to offer a unique and bespoke design service for the Barlok® range or indeed for any other idea you may have. Call us for a chat on your specific needs. Barlok® has recently been adapted to fit out a classic VW bus that had been redesigned as a mobile bar.